Basic Life Support

Silicon Valley Ambulance’s Basic Life Support (BLS) is staffed by two highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Our staff specializes in the care and comfort level delivered to all of our patients. We place great importance on our patient's needs and are able to accommodate many special request or circumstances.

The sensitive and professional attitude of our EMT and Paramedic teams give our patient's confidence knowing that they are in good hands.

Advanced Life Support

On May 17, 2006 Silicon Valley Ambulance began providing Paramedic Transport Services through out Santa Clara County. This service can be utilized by urgent care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, sub-acute centers, and hospitals, where an advanced level of care is desired but does not required the full response of the 9-1-1 system.


With our Paramedic service, we will provide the following care/treatment:

- Cardiac monitoring: Our ALS unit will have 12 lead EKG capabilities for patients who need advanced cardiac monitoring.

- Advanced Airway Care: Patients who have respiratory or airway emergencies can be treated and/or monitored.

- Intravenous monitoring and care: We provide monitoring of patients who have IV fluids required. We may also administer intravenous care if patients need fluid resuscitation.

There may a time that a patient’s health may become unstable during transportation to or from one facility to another. We may start advanced life support care to stabilize the patient and bring them to the appropriate hospital.



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