We invite you to explore the world of opportunities available to you for building a rewarding career with one of Santa Clara County’s leading emergency medical services companies.

Silicon Valley Ambulance is currently seeking motivated Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics for our operations. The selection process to bring employees into the organization is focused on recruiting individuals who provide “Quick, Courteous, and Compassionate Care”.

We believe that the most important asset that any organization has is its employees. The entire administrative staff at Silicon Valley Ambulance understands and fully appreciates the job of the EMT and the Paramedic. With over 50 years of EMS experience, our administrative staff has a strong understanding of the hard work and dedication it requires in being an EMT or Paramedic. Every single manager/supervisor has spent a significant duration of their career in the field and on the streets as EMTs and Paramedics.


The following items are required in order for us to consider candidates for employment:

- Valid State of California EMT-1 Certificate or Paramedic License

- Valid State of California Driver’s License and Ambulance Driver’s License

- Valid Medical Examiner’s Card

- Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Motor Vehicle Report H6MVR – current within three days of submission

- Application for Employment

- Current CPR/Healthcare Provider Certification

- Current ACLS Certification (Paramedics only)

- Current PALS or PEPP Certification (Paramedics only)

- Current BTLS or PHTLS or ITLS Certification (Paramedics only)


You can complete an application at our headquarters located at:

181 Martinvale Lane
San Jose, CA 95119
Phone: 1-877-778-4911

OR download the application here.

Ambulance Operations Positions:

EMTs and Paramedics respond to both emergency and non-emergency requests for assistance. This may include assisting clinics, hospitals, patient care facilities, and home residence responses. Our units may also participate in the 911 system as a “back-up” resource.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Patient Assessment and Implementation of Appropriate Care.

Documentation including using ePCRs via laptop computers, Supply, Billing Reports, and Incident Reports.

Public Relations and Educational Details.

Safe Operation of the ambulance in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Station and Vehicle Maintenance.

Benefits and Salary:

Salary is based on industry standards.

Medical and Dental Insurance Eligibility for full-time employees

All Uniforms and Safety Gear Provided.

Shifts and Scheduling:

EMTs and Paramedics will be assigned to either 8 or 24 hour shifts. Shift assignments vary to include weekends, nights, and holidays.

All personnel are subject to mandatory recall in the event of disaster, MCI, or other incident that taxes available resources within Santa Clara County.